Health, Safety and Well-being

At Tonkin + Taylor we believe that Health, Safety and Well-being at work are key to business performance.

We believe that a world of work without accidents, disease or harm is possible and that prevention is part of our culture.

These are the same beliefs that support the Vision Zero global campaign which we support as this sits well with our Think Safe, Act Safe and Be Safe philosophy.

Health Safety and Well-being is a never ending journey of continuous improvement as we strive to meet our aspirational goals and values.

Our journey starts with our Health, Safety and Well-being Policy commitment, which is signed by our three Managing Directors, our Health, Safety and Well-being Manager and our Business Services Operations Manager, demonstrating that our commitment is being led by our senior team.

Health, Safety and Well-being Policy

We are committed to our Caring Pathway through leading with our principle to prioritise safety and well-being for our workers: it is about ensuring everyone goes home safely. We will provide continual improvement aimed to achieve an outstanding health and safety record.

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