Summer Holiday Work

Each year Tonkin + Taylor provides holiday work experience to engineering students throughout New Zealand.

Our work experience programme helps students develop confidence, and provides them with challenging and interesting work alongside some of the best minds in the industry.

Applications open every year in August, followed by interviews in September. It’s a good idea to register online now so you are notified when the summer applications go live.

Here's what two of our employees have to say about our holiday work programme:

Carol Yan: "Engineering summer work should be about seeing how things work in the ‘real world’ beyond University, and Tonkin + Taylor was a great example of Civil Engineering in practice. The opportunity to move between the different groups within T+T allowed me to see the various perspectives and issues on a project, and how these all need to be considered and co-ordinated together to come up with an overall best solution. T+T really value their technical skills, not just at the research end, but more importantly how it can be implemented in a practical sense.

Everybody was very helpful and made me feel part of the team, not just a summer student; there was always somebody around who I could ask questions, no matter how simple or technical. The culture was relaxed and very social, meaning you could get on and do your job, and at the end of the day still enjoy it and have some fun with your workmates."

Rob Frost: "I spent time with each of the Water Resources, Environmental and Geotechnical Groups at T+T during my university holidays, while completing a BE(Civil)/BSc(Geology) conjoint degree. The diverse range of work available in each group really helped in enabling me to figure out what branch of engineering I wanted to pursue.

The high level of expertise throughout each group meant that there was always somebody I could discuss any on-the-job issues with and I quickly gained a great deal of practical knowledge. The working environment is relaxed and it was fun to be working alongside and sharing experiences with several other student engineers at T+T."

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