Mangakotukutuku Stream, Hamilton New Zealand

Mangakotukutuku Stream Erosion Control and Fish Habitat Restoration, Hamilton, NZ


Mangakotukutuku Stream Care Group



Mangakotukutuku Stream flows through Hamilton’s southern suburbs and represents one of Hamilton’s higher value urban stream systems.  However, the stream suffers from erosion, poor habitat and poor water quality, mainly as a result of urban stormwater runoff.

The Mangakotukutuku Stream Care Group (MSCG) has been working to improve stream erosion and habitat quality conditions since 2006, with most work focussed at a local gully reserve called Sandford Park.  We have been working with MSCG since 2008 to develop restoration plans for the stream at Sandford Park.

Plans for stream erosion control, habitat enhancement and wetland creation were used as a basis for a successful funding application to the Waikato River Clean Up Trust. The project has been managed by us, and is now a demonstration site to showcase the positive results of waterway restoration.

Physical works were completed in mid-2013 and include ecologically sensitive erosion control and bank stability options and novel in-stream fish habitat enhancement features such as fish refuge tunnels, log overhangs and woody weirs. A nearby degraded park space was also transformed into a mini wetland and now provides native mudfish habitat. 

Services provided:

  • Assessment of stream habitat conditions and habitat requirements for native fish species
  • Development of a prioritised programme of engineering solutions balanced by ecologically sensitive design
  • Design of site specific in-stream habitat features
  • Development of construction methodologies that minimised cost, construction impacts and regulatory consent requirements
  • Funding and consent application documentation preparation and project management
  • Detailed design, contract administration and construction supervision.
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