Ambuklao and Binga Hydropower Dams, Philippines

Ambuklao and Binga Hydropower Dams, Philippines


SN Aboitiz Power - Benguet



We completed due diligence, and then post-purchase rehabilitation works.  These involved reviews, studies and design related to the dams.

Ambuklao comprises a 129m-high central core rock fill dam with a 8 by 12.5m by 12.5m radial gated ogee spillway, steep chute and flip bucket outlet discharging 11,000 cumecs at PMF, a 75 MW underground power station and 327 million m3 capacity storage.

Binga is immediately downstream of Ambuklao, and comprises a 107m-high zoned earth-rock fill embankment with inclined core, radial gated ogee spillway with steep chute and flip bucket, a 100 MW power station and 48 million m3 storage capacity.

Services provided:

  • Dam safety audits
  • PMF routing studies
  • Dam break studies
  • Seismic review study
  • Rehabilitation works scoping, design, costing
  • Dam monitoring database design and set-up
  • Flood forecasting and warning system reviews
  • Operation, maintenance and surveillance and rehabilitation standards review
  • Preparation of OMS manuals and emergency action plans
  • Quantitative landslide risk assessment study.
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