Sibulan Hydropower Project, Philippines

Sibulan Hydropower Project, Philippines


HEDCOR Sibulan Inc.



This run-of-river hydro power project consisted of two independent hydro schemes in cascade - one upstream 16.5 MW and the second downstream and 26 MW, totalling 42.5 MW.

The project consisted of:

  • Intake weirs on the two main rivers plus three tributary weirs
  • Conveyance tunnels totalling 2.3km-long
  • Low pressure steel conveyance and pipelines
  • 70,000 and 50,000 m3 headpond storages
  • Desanding basins
  • Steel penstocks some 7.4 km-long in total
  • Two surface power houses with tailrace channels and switchyards
  • Extensive access roading

Services provided:

  • Construction contract (civil, mechanical and electrical, and transmission) project management
  • High level client support for lenders and insurers
  • Detailed design of power houses and advice on other structures
  • Specialist tunnel advice
  • Design review.
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