Tauranga Harbour Link

Tauranga Harbour Link Stage II, Tauranga, New Zealand


Fletcher Construction



This project involved construction of a duplicate bridge adjacent to the existing harbour crossing and an elevated expressway connecting the crossings to the existing expressway. The new bridge, which was incrementally launched, was 470m long and the elevated expressway viaduct 600m long.

Ground conditions in the project area included deep soils with significant liquefaction potential and an absence of founding bedrock within achievable piling depths.

We provided highly innovative cutting-edge design as part of the design build team. This included application of numerous technologies new to New Zealand - such as CFA piling, large-diameter piling under bentonite slurry, base grouting and sonic integrity testing.

We also implemented design solutions that are recognised internationally as being state-of-the-art, including vertical drains and raked timber piles for liquefaction mitigation.

Services provided:

  • Coastal protection and reclamation design
  • Stormwater network design
  • Stormwater treatment design
  • Geotechnical interpretation of existing and new investigation data
  • Pile design
  • MSE retaining wall design
  • Liquefaction assessment
  • Embankment design
  • Liquefaction mitigation system design
  • Test pile design and analysis
  • Sonic logging interpretation and analysis
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