Torpedo Beach Enhancement, Auckland

Torpedo Beach Enhancement, Auckland, New Zealand


Auckland Council (formerly North Shore City Council)



This project involved designing a stable beach and required consideration of local sea conditions, ferry wake effects and large stormwater outlet discharges.

Thoughtful planning was needed to retain a pleasing and open amenity for public use and access that would also blend smoothly into a local environment rich in cultural heritage.

This was an exceptionally well received award-winning project, both during construction and afterwards. There was a strong focus on creating a natural-looking, low maintenance coastal environment that added value to the area.

The creation of a useable high-tide beach added to the existing reserve and added to visitor enjoyment of the popular promenade along King Edward Parade to the newly completed Navy Museum.

Services provided:

  • Detailed design of a stable beach
  • Construction of 116m-long sloping grouted rock seawall and associated beach access points
  • Creation of two rock mound groynes incorporating two stormwater outlets
  • Deposition of 5,000m3 of beach sand to form a useable high-tide beach

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