Freshwater and Aquatic Ecology

Our Aquatic Ecology and Freshwater Science team offers all the services required to meet your regulatory and non-regulatory needs. The team consults with our terrestrial ecologists, technical specialists, planners, engineers and advisors to provide you with a comprehensive view.

We specialise in survey and assessment of water bodies and wildlife. This includes identifying potential issues and opportunities to assist you through the Resource Management Act.

Our ecologists are often involved from the earliest stages of a project. They survey, assess effects, provide ecological input into engineering considerations, and develop ecological restoration and mitigation plans.

As technical experts they attend hearings and the Environment Court, prepare and implement management plans, and monitor compliance to ensure consent conditions are met.

We provide freshwater ecology services in:

  • Assessment of Environmental Effects (AEE) / Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)
  • Freshwater ecology assessments, surveys and monitoring – stream and wetland ecosystems, including fish and invertebrates
  • Stream assessments methodologies – including Stream Ecological Valuations (SEVs) and Ecological Compensation Ratios (ECRs) / Regional Ecological Monitoring of Streams (REMS)
  • Freshwater fish salvage and relocation – undertaken with MPI and DOC approved permits
  • Fish passage – fish pass and screen design, assessment and monitoring
  • Water quality – assessments, surveys, and monitoring
  • Habitat assessment and enhancements – stream restoration and mitigation plans, habitat enhancements, rehabilitation including riparian management and planting plans
  • Freshwater policy, strategy, and planning – including Integrated Catchment Management
  • Water take assessments and intake screens
  • Lake and wetland profiling and sampling
  • Microbial source tracking
  • Hearing and Environment Court – expert witnesses and certified Independent Commissioner
  • Fluvial geomorphology

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