Westwind, Wellington, New Zealand

Experts with the best strategic advice

Our environmental team has a high proportion of experienced senior specialists, with practical industry experience. You deal with the experts.

Our team-based approach brings breadth of expertise when solving any problem. We understand risk, we understand your business needs, we listen and we work with you to provide the right advice and the right solution.

Right first time

Our expert team has a proud record of consenting complex projects without the cost and delay of an Environment Court hearing. In fact, we have often achieved consent without a hearing. Meaningful engagement with affected parties and the broader community, with smart science and planning, can deliver collaborative regulatory processes. Power stations, landfills, railways – we’ve consented them quietly, quickly and cost-effectively. If a hearing is needed, our expert planners, scientists and engineers are the best in their fields, sought after for their expert witness skills.

Sustainability and resiliency

Sustainability principles are incorporated into each project we manage. We do this by looking at the impact on the wider environment and then developing effective solutions with this in view.

We provide world-leading expertise in sustainable procurement and smart business management.

We’re taking the lessons learnt from T+T’s natural hazards experience, like the Canterbury Earthquake Sequence, and embedding them in planning and design. We’re helping make our built environment more resilient.