Environmental Choice New Zealand

Environmental Choice New Zealand is New Zealand’s official environmental labelling programme. The programme recognises environmentally preferable products and services by allowing use of the Environmental Choice New Zealand label.

Products must meet strict standards developed and described in Environmental Choice New Zealand specifications. The requirements are based on the lifecycle of a product or service and its effects on the environment.

The programme and label are owned by the New Zealand Government. They are managed by the independent New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust


We have an on-going relationship with the New Zealand Ecolabelling Trust, providing technical support for the Environmental Choice programme.

This includes:

  • Developing and reviewing product specifications
  • Completing initial assessments for licence applications
  • Completing supervision assessments for current licence holders
  • Providing training for licence assessors
  • Maintaining the approved assessor register
  • Programme management and governance support
  • Support on technical questions and issues.
Key Contacts

Marje Russ Marje Russ