Environmental Regulatory Requirements Monitoring

Regional and national environmental regulations are complex. Navigating that complexity successfully requires specialist skills.

Tonkin + Taylor’s resource management specialists have these skills and a wealth of experience to back them up. We monitor changes that are relevant to our clients’ activities, operations and property portfolios and provide specific and accurate information. This helps to avoid potential liability and unnecessary costs.

We can help our clients:

  • Manage risk: New Zealand environmental legislation and regulations are changing quickly and these changes are increasing complexity and potential liability
  • Identify matters that affect their interests: Short timeframes limit participation in legislative and resource consent processes, but by alerting clients to matters that affect them we provide opportunities to get involved
  • Save time and costs: We can monitor legislative and regulatory changes relieving clients of this time-consuming task
  • Meet ISO14001 requirements: We help them keep up with legislative changes as is required by the ISO standard for environmental management systems.

Our Database

We keep a comprehensive database of all current policies and plans prepared under the Resource Management Act.

This includes:

  • District and regional plans
  • National and regional policy statements
  • Environmental standards and guidelines 

We also keep information on and monitor changes to:

  • Resource Management Act and Regulations
  • Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act and Regulations
  • Local Government Act and Regulations

  • Conservation Act and Regulations

  • Building Act and Regulations

  • Crown Minerals Act and Regulations

  • Climate Change Response Act and Regulations

  • Land Transport Management Act and Regulations
  • Regional pest management strategies
  • Conservation management strategies
  • Other national strategies, policies and initiatives relevant to the environment.

Tailored Monitoring Service

We develop and deliver tailored monitoring and advisory services for our clients. These filter and identify regulatory information that is relevant to each client’s interests and provide timely alerts and advice on implications and action that may be required.


Key Contacts

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