Green Star NZ Ecology

A Green Star New Zealand rating indicates a building’s environmental attributes and performance. The higher the star-rating is, the more environmentally-friendly and efficient the building is.

This comprehensive rating scheme was developed by the New Zealand Green Building Council. It allows buildings to be recognised for outstanding environmental design and construction.

One of the components of the Green Star NZ rating is the extent to which local ecology is considered in a building’s design and landscaping.

We provide services that help you understand the ecological values of your site and offer ways of incorporating features that will score highly in the ecological design assessment.


Our specific services include:

  • Site ecological survey and assessment
  • Reporting that meets Green Star NZ requirements
  • Design liaison with engineers and landscape architects
  • Restoration advice to incorporate local ecology into project design
  • Formal verification to confirm Green Star NZ ecology requirements have been met.

We can assist you in two Green Star NZ credit areas - ECO-1 and ECO-4 credits.

ECO-1 credit

This credit is a Conditional Requirement. An applicant must demonstrate the site to be developed is eligible for Green Star NZ consideration by not being of high ecological value. Our ecologists will complete an ecological survey and determine the status of features present. Their work will outline the best way to minimise or mitigate potential effects.

ECO-4 credit

This credit has a value of 4 points. It is usually where key Green Star NZ rating gains can be achieved. To maximize the value of this credit our ecologists will work closely with the project landscape architect. A ‘Change in Ecology Calculator’ is used to assess the degree of ecological change. This attributes a greater score to native or ‘natural’ vegetation types and wildlife habitats, than it does to ‘gardened’ landscapes that do not cater for local wildlife. An Assessment of Ecological Value Report prepared by a qualified ecologist is required to assess this credit. In order to claim the credit, the assessment must meet Green Star NZ requirements.


We have assisted in several 5-star Green Star NZ applications recently.

These include:

  • Ormiston Road Senior High School, Manukau, Auckland
  • Mt Wellington Primary School, Stonefields, Auckland
  • Te Kura Kaupapa Māori O Te Kōtuku (Kura Kaupapa Māori School), Ranui, Auckland.



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