Planting Plans and Revegetation Advice

Our Terrestrial Ecology team are experienced developers of revegetation plans for a diverse range of projects.


We have revegetation expertise that is associated with:

  • Resource management planning (ecological mitigation and compensation of adverse effects)
  • Stormwater management (planting for erosion control and stormwater treatment)
  • Geotechnical engineering (planting for land stabilisation)
  • Contaminated land (site rehabilitation)
  • Urban and landscape design (amenity planting)
  • Carbon ‘farming’ (planting to generate carbon credits) 

Our main areas of expertise include:

  • Survey and evaluation of vegetation to assess (for example) District Plan tree protection, significant vegetation areas and riparian buffer offsets.
  • Preparation of revegetation planting plans as required for resource consent applications, or to meet conditions of resource consents.
  • Review of landscape plans to ensure compliance with council requirements.
  • Site preparation, weed and animal pest control programmes and planting techniques advice.
  • Maintenance and monitoring programmes.
  • Practical planting advice including materials, methods, cost estimates, numbers, density and layout.


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