Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable engineering solutions

We are skilled at incorporating sustainability principles into the projects we manage. We do this by looking at the impact on the wider environment, then developing strategies that provide effective solutions.

With a wide range of specialists and senior staff on hand, we offer innovative and pragmatic solutions. These are developed by our experts in consultation with each other, using the latest technologies.

We believe in making a positive difference and work hard to provide sustainable outcomes. Some examples where we’ve recently developed sustainable engineering solutions include:

  • The Waterview motorway tunnel project, networking Auckland’s roads and enhancing neighbourhood quality
  • Redeveloping Auckland’s industrial waterfront to be the new centre of urban living and engagement
  • Rebuilding Christchurch to withstand nature's future challenges.

Sustainable business solutions 

We provide targeted and practical advice to improve business sustainability. This can include strategic advice, corporate sustainability reporting, sustainable supply chain management and training.

Our staff will partner with companies wishing to improve their sustainability. Some examples of initiatives we are involved in include:

  • Developing environmental management systems for clients operating throughout New Zealand
  • Government level advice on environmental compliance management and performance for major transport infrastructure projects
  • Environmental management plan and systems support to a wide range of manufacturing and infrastructure operations

A sustainable enterprise 

To be credible, our own organisation works to minimise its impact on the environment in a way that is consistent with providing specialist consulting services. Tonkin and Taylor’s efforts include:

  • Having active waste reduction and recycling programmes
  • Progressively reducing our fleet fuel consumption by replacing vehicles with more efficient models
  • Implementing office-next-door information technology to reduce our travel-related carbon footprint.
  • Purchasing Environmental Choice New Zealand products wherever possible.

We also participate in community development projects, such as buying only Fair Trade coffee and supporting Oxfam New Zealand.

In 2015, our Hamilton office operation became one of the first to be licensed by the national environmental labelling programme, Environmental Choice New Zealand. We successfully met ECNZ’s demanding specifications for environmentally preferable office activities.

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