Project Controls + Risk Management

T+T’s specialist project controllers and risk managers help our clients to more effectively understand and manage performance on projects. Good project control is about monitoring time, cost and risks, and having appropriate plans in place to ensure that projects stay on track and on budget. Being able to present the actual performance results against budgets and timelines, to confirm that these align – and do so in a way that is easy for managers to understand – is where our project controllers come in. With their well-proven understanding of risk and uncertainty, they are able to build in and manage appropriate contingencies for their clients’ projects.

The T+T Project Controls team has a proven track record across multiple sectors. The Pukeahu National War Memorial Park/Arras Tunnel, Wellington, through the Memorial Park Alliance (MPA) – a project which was completed on time and under budget and which NZTA hailed as an example of best alliance practice – is just one of many flagship projects that are a testimony to their expertise. T+T is also involved in the project controls and risk management for Auckland’s Downtown project and the AC36.


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