Air Quality

Our team of chemical engineers and environmental scientists are experts in all aspects of air quality management. They will help to obtain resource consents and develop practical solutions for managing process discharges. Tonkin + Taylor has provided consent and compliance solutions for industry, infrastructure, regional councils and central government. 

Our staff have real-world experience with a wide variety of industrial processes, infrastructure projects and utilities. We analyse specific projects and organisations and develop appropriate solutions in partnership. We make sure these are technically suitable, cost-effective and sustainable.


We offer a range of services to assess and manage air quality, including:

  • Resource consent and regulatory processes
  • Odour assessment and management
  • Dust management plans
  • Emissions inventories
  • Policy development
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Health risk assessments
  • Regulatory agency liaison
  • Community consultation
  • Expert evidence
  • Air pollution control equipment selection
  • Ambient monitoring
  • Stack testing

Modelling and Impact Assessment

We estimate air emissions for new facilities, or for existing facilities, design air emissions monitoring programmes.  Effects can be ground-truthed using ambient air monitoring techniques.

Dispersion modelling is an important part of evaluating the impact of air emissions. We combine the latest modelling software with our real-world processes experience to produce robust model predictions. To clearly communicate model findings we can create 3D terrain images and sophisticated presentations of model outputs.

Modelling studies are typically used to support an impact assessment. We have experience with a variety of impact assessment techniques including detailed health risk assessments.

Odour assessment and management

Odour assessments can be complex and rely on a range of tools due to their subjective nature. We have the expertise to understand and evaluate potentially offensive and objectionable odours. Our practical experience will help develop effective site-specific odour control measures.

Environmental engineering

We work closely with our civil engineering team. Our team specialises in landfill engineering and work on closed landfills and contaminated sites.

We are able to:

  • Design landfill gas extraction systems
  • Specify flares and landfill gas-to-electricity generators
  • Design vapour barriers to protect indoor air
  • Prepare tender documentation
  • Complete construction inspections


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