Environmental and Sustainability Management Systems

We are skilled at helping organisations with their environmental and sustainability management systems. For over 30 years our people have also been auditing these systems to support formal certification and drive improvement in the value they create for our clients.

Tonkin + Taylor’s staff established New Zealand’s first accredited ISO14001 environmental management system certification programme at Telarc NZ. We supported JAS-ANZ (Joint Accreditation Systems Australia New Zealand), QSA (Quality Society of Australasia) panels and New Zealand / Australian technical management system standard committees.

Management system development

We have worked for a large number of New Zealand and Australian organisations over the past 20 years - establishing, implementing and rejuvenating management systems. These include environmental systems and those that combine quality, sustainability and health & safety.

Our clients include international transport, oil, building and mining companies. Along with manufacturers, energy generators and distributors, service providers, infrastructure organisations, defence, national and local government and state-owned companies.

We work in a facilitative way throughout an organisation, including consulting with senior, operational and support staff. Our involvement is designed to help our clients to reach their objectives quickly using the knowledge and strength of experience we offer.

There are important tools that help develop strong management systems. We understand how to use these effectively. We have expertise in risk management and the practical application of risk management standards. 

This expertise includes ISO 31000 and risk management processes covering technical, operational, management and governance activities. We are skilled at using life-cycle tools and standards and can help with sustainability and corporate social responsibility standards and guidelines.

Regulatory Compliance Management

Our EnviroAlert service keeps our clients up-to-date with environmental regulatory requirements that impact on their businesses. We track and monitor environmental regulatory developments throughout New Zealand and keep a national database of these.

We alert our clients to regulatory changes and advise them about the implications of those changes on their businesses. This can include updating key management system documentation, for example regulatory requirement registers.

Auditing and Assurance

We can audit management systems, provide assurance and monitor compliance with requirements. For a number of clients we have provided independent audits or assurance on a regular basis for many years.

We can provide independent assurance on environmental, sustainability and integrated reports. Our team includes experienced auditors and our processes are based on international auditing and assurance standards.

We have detailed understanding of auditing and assurance standards including those provided by ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation), non-government agencies such as the Global Reporting Initiative, and by international and national accountancy standards bodies.


We provide training support for many of our clients. This enables them to develop their own capabilities and competence in environmental management systems, regulatory requirements and auditing. Our team delivers environmental awareness training, guest lectures and master classes. 



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