Hazardous Substances

Hazardous substances are part of many processes, utilities and manufacturing activities. Tonkin + Taylor’s hazardous substances management experts understand regulatory requirements. They can identify hazards and manage the risks associated with them.

We use an integrated approach to the management of hazardous substances. This includes environmental and engineering involvement to develop practical and cost-effective solutions.

Our team has helped many industry and utility clients to minimise risk to people, property and the environment. Legislation is complex and evolving - and we have an in-depth understanding of it.

Our facilities and control measure designs are developed to minimise risk, and comply with regulations and codes of practice.


We offer a broad range of hazardous substances management services:

  • Hazardous substances approvals
  • Local regulatory requirement assessment
  • Hazardous Facilities Screening Procedure
  • Hazardous facilities resource consent application preparation
  • Expert evidence
  • Workplace assessments and training
  • Regulatory controls compliance auditing
  • Facilities and control measures design
  • Safety Data Sheet preparation and review
  • Storage,transport and labelling requirements
  • Storage and disposal of hazardous waste

Modelling and Assessment

Hazardous substances assessments support consent applications and processes. We are experienced at preparing these. They can include desktop studies, facilitation of workshops to identify hazards, evaluation of failure modes and assessment of residual risks.

We can prepare qualitative and quantitative risk assessments and will deploy specialist modelling software to evaluate impacts of emergency release scenarios. We’ll also provide expert hazardous substances evidence.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

We have helped many clients prepare hazardous substance inventories and identify management controls applicable to their workplace. Our team can complete audits and help with compliance plans, including liaising with regulators. We regularly work with specialists and Test Certifiers to offer a complete service.

Training services

We have analysed training needs and prepared customised training programmes for organisations involved in hazardous waste collection. Our training presentations have helped many clients, including councils collecting hazardous waste.

Land use planning

Our environmental engineering and planning specialists provide land-use planning for hazardous facilities. We have assisted industry and infrastructure clients with submissions on plan changes, which have ensured that hazardous facilities are appropriately provided for, and protected from reverse sensitivity.

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