Fraser Road Landfill, Victoria, Australia

Landfill Construction

Maximising the potential airspace available at any given site - and implementing management and operational practices that make the most of that airspace - are important objectives for any landfill owner.

These apply to facilities owned and operated by private companies and local government authorities alike.

Our significant local, regional and international experience in the design, construction and operation of landfill cells, leachate and landfill gas extraction systems (and the rehabilitation of completed cells) can help maximise the use of available landfill land.

In the area of cell, pond and cap construction, our field personnel are well trained in directing, supervising or independently verifying landfill construction projects. They are supported by project managers and senior technical advisors that have extensive real landfill experience.

We can offer practical solutions to often unpredictable site issues and have expertise in pre-construction and construction services.


Pre-construction assistance:

  • Estimates of quantities from hard copy or digital detailed design drawings
  • Testing and assessing source materials for compliance with specification requirements
  • Tender documentation preparation
  • Geosynthetic materials sampling for independent laboratory analysis
  • Geosynthetic material assessment

Construction services:

  • Level 1 Supervision of Earthworks (GITA)
  • Third Party Geosynthetic Verification during installation of liners, caps, LFG and leachate collection systems
  • Construction compliance assessment reports for audit review
  • Specialist technical advice and engineering calculation to support proposed design variations
  • Construction project management including contract management, site supervision, reporting and liaison with auditors and the EPA
  • Statutory Environmental Auditing of construction compliance against EPA approved design documents (Section 53V Audit)