Kate Valley Landfill, Canterbury, New Zealand

Landfill Gas Management

Landfill gas management is a key part of modern landfill operation. Tonkin + Taylor’s world class design skills and practical operational advice help achieve reduced environmental impacts and optimisation of landfill gas extraction for reuse.

Development on and around closed landfills is becoming more common. We have a proven track record of cost effective, practical and safe solutions to enable development of closed landfills for commercial, residential and parkland use.

Our team of landfill gas specialists offers leading expertise across the full range of technical disciplines needed for this complex area.


Landfill gas management and utilisation systems:

  • Landfill gas generation estimation and modelling
  • Passive and active landfill gas extraction system design
  • Flare specifications
  • Landfill gas to energy specifications
  • Optimisation and extension of existing systems
  • Odour assessments and control
  • Risk assessments
  • Management plans
  • Environmental auditing

Landfill gas monitoring:

  • In-house FID with inbuilt GPS instrument
  • Monitoring programmes
  • Field monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Surface emission monitoring
  • Flux box monitoring
  • Ambient air monitoring
  • Trace gas speciation
  • Lateral gas migration monitoring
  • Monitoring data management

Closed landfill redevelopment:

  • Landfill gas generation assessment and monitoring
  • Risk assessment
  • Landfill gas management (cut off walls, venting, extraction)
  • Building protection measures/vapour barrier design
  • Construction supervision
  • Management plans

A selection of our projects

South Clayton landfills, Transpacific, Victoria: Landfill gas and odour management, risk assessment and development of management plans for 7 sites; trace gas analysis, dewatering assessment

Hallam Road Landfill, SITA, Victoria: Landfill odour assessment, Project Orbit monitoring data management

Drysdale Landfill, City of Greater Geelong, Victoria: 53V environmental audit of an operating landfill

Redvale Landfill, Transpacific, New Zealand: Landfill odour and gas management, emission characterization, odour and gas modelling

Awapuni Landfill, Palmerston North City Council, New Zealand: Gas to energy project, recovery optimisation, trouble shooting, Project Orbit monitoring data management

Retirement Village, New Zealand: Development of a closed landfill, gas management, vapour barrier design, construction supervision, monitoring, plan preparation, Project Orbit data management, emergency response