Solid Waste

Every community & industry needs efficient solid waste management to maintain a quality living environment.  Legislative requirements have changed and there is a greater awareness of our natural environment , requiring more rigorous approaches to waste disposal.

We offer expert services in all related disposal technologies.  These include waste minimisation, cleaner production and final disposal techniques.  Our expertise includes:

  • Planning and economics
  • Investigations
  • Scientific studies
  • Engineering design
  • Management 


Planning and economics

  • Assessing waste disposal needs
  • Industry and process analysis
  • Waste minimisation strategies
  • Detailed economic analysis of disposal and facility options, including financing and cash flow using our comprehensive cost models
  • Cleaner production and waste minimisation
  • Process assessments and waste audits
  • Waste reduction strategies and disposal options studies

Waste handling and transfer

  • Evaluation of waste collection

  • Handling strategies and economics

  • Transfer station design and construction

Industrial and hazardous wastes

  • Pre-treatment and disposal strategies
  • Sludge management

  • Composting
  • Incineration

Landfill projects

  • Site selection studies, planning assessments, consent processes, AEE preparation, investigations, scientific water quality studies, geohydrology, air quality, traffic, human and natural environments.
  • Development of landfill designs including geotechnical investigations and testing, and design of liner, leachate collection, landfill gas control and cover systems.
  • Costings and economic analysis, construction contract preparation, tendering and construction management.
  • Assessments of operational and closed landfills for upgrading and mitigation of discharges to the environment.
  • Management plan drafting, review and auditing.
  • Peer review and troubleshooting related to landfill performance and technical issues.
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