Sustainable Engineering

We have over 50 years of experience engineering the natural environment – soil, water and air. This has created a culture where environmental protection is a focus of our work.

One of our strengths is incorporating sustainability principles into each project. We do this by considering the impact a project has on the wider environment, and then developing effective strategies and solutions.

As specialists, we solve problems. We examine alternatives and look at the wider implications of each. This approach is now known as ‘sustainable engineering’.

We foster a work environment that supports sustainable engineering by providing:

  • A training programme using example projects
  • Web-based resources such as our sustainable materials database
  • Active involvement of senior staff in all projects

Our sustainable engineering approach has been put to good use on:

  • An award-winning restoration and park development on a former landfill
  • Prestigious residential redevelopment of a contaminated former gasworks
  • Development of fish and terrestrial fauna habitat on motorway projects
  • Development of a minimum-impact power scheme on the Arnold River
  • Sensitive design of a stream diversion
  • Control and clean-up of a major oil spill in the Philippines
  • Landfill gas-to-energy and carbon credit projects
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