LFG extraction manifold - Fraser Road Landfill, Victoria, Australia

Waste Facility Planning and Design

Our waste design team prepares cost-efficient and innovative designs for a range of projects. These include transfer stations, weighbridges, landfill cells, leachate and landfill gas extraction systems, leachate storage and treatments systems and rehabilitation of old cells.

With significant experience in landfill construction, we understand that ease of construction, and flexibility to adjust to real-life site conditions are key factors on how ‘constructible’ a design is.

Our designers work closely with our construction supervision teams, materials testers, auditors and environmental monitoring experts.  This ensures our designs are robust, and complement other site operations and infrastructure.

Our designs are based on sound engineering calculation and extensive experience, tailored for each project to ensure our work addresses the unique conditions and constraints present at each site.

We provide logical, clear and concise summaries of our design assumptions and calculations in our design reports. These withstand review by other reputable consultants within the industry and enable regulatory authorities to have confidence in the quality of our work.


Landfill planning

  • Site selection assessment
  • Initial facility conceptual design
  • Landfill planning consent
  • Works approval applications and submissions

Landfill containment and systems design

  • Detailed cell, pond and cap design document preparation, including construction drawings, technical specifications and construction quality assurance plans
  • Design documents for single or dual purpose leachate and landfill gas extraction sumps

Landfill rehabilitation design

  • Surface water attenuation, control and discharge systems
  • Surface water, rehabilitation and aftercare management plans
  • Risk-based landfill monitoring programmes for groundwater, landfill gas, leachate, dust and odour

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