Fraser Road Landfill, Victoria, Australia

Waste Management Services

The management of waste is an important fundamental community service, which will only become more complex with limited landfill capacity and increasing population growth.

Changing legislative requirements and increased awareness of the sensitivity of the natural environment have progressively resulted in a more rigorous approach to waste disposal, with increasing focus on waste containment facility design, as well as waste minimisation, reuse and recycling.

With the increased cost of landfill construction and the increase in risk-based environmental monitoring, it makes more sense than ever to maximise the airspace realised at any given site, while implementing smart waste management practices that reduce potential future remediation costs.

Our team of dedicated landfill specialists has the skills, experience and commitment required to help landfill owners and operators make the right decisions to optimise landfill efficiency and reduce operational environmental impacts.

From site concept approvals, detailed design of facilities and systems, through to rehabilitation, monitoring and environmental auditing, Tonkin + Taylor offers leading expertise across the full range of technical disciplines required.


Landfill planning and design

  • Assessing waste disposal requirements and waste minimisation strategies
  • Site selection studies, planning assessments, conceptual design, permit submissions and works approval preparation
  • Detailed design, and independent Environmental Auditor review of design for landfill liners, leachate pond liners and landfill capping
  • Design of leachate and landfill gas collection, transfer and processing systems.

Landfill construction services

  • Preparation of engineering estimates, bill of quantities and tender documentation
  • Independent verification of landfill cell/cap construction (Level 1 Geotechnical Inspection and Testing Authority and/or Geosynthetics Verification Consultancy services)
  • Geosynthetics installation, project supervision and troubleshooting
  • Independent sampling and analysis of geosynthetic materials
  • Environmental Auditing of landfill construction.

Landfill rehabilitation and environmental monitoring

  • Assessment of existing cap integrity with regard to infiltration and landfill gas fugitive emissions
  • Routine or one-off sampling and analysis of groundwater, surface water, leachate, landfill gas, dust and odour
  • Analysis of monitoring data and reporting on compliance with site specific monitoring requirements and license conditions
  • Drilling, installation and leak testing of monitoring wells
  • Installation and maintenance of real time monitoring equipment.

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Sze-Fei Peng on +61 3 9863 8668 or email or

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