Waste Strategy

We are one of New Zealand’s leading consultancies, offering specialist environmental and engineering services for the waste and recycling sector.

The management of waste is complex and needs to focus on protecting public health, environmental protection and maximising resource efficiency. Waste and resource management only becomes more complex with legislative change, community attitudes, limited landfill capacity and increasing population growth.

Our team of waste strategy specialists has the skills, experience and commitment required to help policy makers, local authorities, and the waste industry make the right decisions to optimise their approach to managing waste and materials under their control.  Our approach is based on understanding the waste sector at a practical level and a focus on real world solutions.

Our waste strategy team work closely with engineers and other environmental specialists where required to provide specialist services throughout project lifecycle and operational management. Examples include concept and detailed design of resource recovery infrastructure, environmental assessments and approvals, community engagement and auditing services.


We have worked on projects throughout New Zealand, Australia, Asia and the Pacific. Our experience includes:

  • National level waste strategy and action plans
  • Local and regional waste strategies
  • Advanced waste treatment, collection systems and disposal options studies
  • Data needs analysis, monitoring and reporting
  • Procurement strategy
  • Detailed waste flow and cost modelling (naus data management and modelling framework)

Our waste strategy, data and modelling expertise includes:

  • Review of local, regional, national and international policy frameworks
  • Multi-criteria assessment
  • Risk assessment - workshops and analysis
  • Waste flow modelling - MS Excel based and naus platform
  • Waste management and recycling system cost modelling - MS Excel based and naus platform
  • Better Business Case framework for project development and assessment
  • Organic waste collection and processing (Compost NZ/WasteMINZ, organic waste processors, market studies)
  • Workshop design and facilitation - Waste Strategy, Options Evaluation, Risk Assessment
  • Concept level design of waste management services and infrastructure
  • Stakeholder and community engagement for waste strategy, collection and infrastructure proposals
  • Councillor/Governance level presentations and workshops
  • Construction and demolition waste (residential and commercial buildings, market development, sorting systems/options)
Key Contacts

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