Our relationships are built on a platform of genuine care; we listen with open minds. We're accessible as well as adaptable - seamlessly becoming an important part of any project team.

Colm Whyte

Executive Leader - Business Services

Doug Johnson

Executive Leadership Team - Managing Director

Gary Stone

Executive Leadership Team - Chief Financial Officer

Glen Nicholson

Discipline Manager - Environmental Engineering Management

Kate Williams

Discipline Director - Advisory

Lester Levy (Dr)

Tonkin + Taylor Group Board Chairman

Tony Kortegast

Executive Leadership Team - Strategic Projects

Robert Hillier (Dr)

Discipline Director - Geotechnical

David Bouma

Water Engineer + Dams (NZ) Business Leader

Grant Lovell

Sector Director - Land

Richard Hancy

Executive Leader - Engineering Services

Richard Reinen-Hamill

Sector Director - Natural Hazard Resilience

Simonne Eldridge

Sector Director - Energy, Industry + Waste

Anthony Church

Service Director - Performance + Technology

Bapon Fakhruddin (Dr)

Resilience + Climate Change Specialist

Brett Ogilvie (Dr)

Executive Leader - Environmental Services

Charlotte Reed

Discipline Manager: Strategy and Information Services

Chris Bauld

Discipline Director - Infrastructure

Chris Perks

Sector Director - Transport

Clint Cantrell

Sector Director - Water

David Milner (Dr)

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Grant Pearce

Senior Civil and Coastal Engineer

Jenny Simpson

Discipline Director - Natural Resources

John Devoy

Talent Sourcing & Recruitment Specialist

John Leeves

Geotechnical Discipline Manager + Head of the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Programme

Jonathan Gee

Service Director - Operations

Kavita Khanna

Service Director - People + Capability

Manea Sweeney

NCTIR Environmental Manager + Discipline Manager - Planning (Strategic)

Matt Baber (Dr)

Principal Ecologist

Mike Jacka

Senior Geotechnical Engineer - Canterbury + Kaikoura Earthquake Recovery

Peter Cochrane

Discipline Director - Science

Peter Roan

Discipline Director - Planning

Sjoerd Van Ballegooy (Dr)

Senior Geotechnical Engineer - Canterbury + Kaikoura Earthquake Recovery

Tim Chadwick

Chadwick Geotechnics Australia - Managing Director

Tim Fisher (Dr)

Executive Leader - Clients

Tom Shand (Dr)

Senior Coastal Engineer

Vic O'Connor

Geotechnics NZ - Managing Director

Virginie Lacrosse

Natural Hazards Specialist