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Tonkin + Taylor specialises in all earth science fields and offer a range of services to meet environmental challenges within the geo, bio, hydro, and atmosphere.

This includes assessments, monitoring, and offsetting options to mitigate ecological effects on water quality, aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems; clean and contaminated soil, surface water groundwater, vapour, air and odour quality assessments, investigations, risk modelling and development of mitigation, management and remediation technologies; and hazardous substances, acoustics and vibration impacts on people and fauna, and management of those activities.

Our team also has significant experience in monitoring and mitigating the environmental impacts of waste treatment facilities and systems. From leachate and gas extraction, treatment, and storage systems; to rehabilitation of landfills.

We combine our technical expertise with a deep understanding of environmental regulations. We help clients across New Zealand, Australia and the Asia-Pacific region develop innovative practices to optimise efficiency and sustainability and minimise operational environmental impacts.

Acoustics (Noise and Vibration)

Our acoustics experts are passionate about helping clients minimise the impact of noise and vibration on the environment and surrounding communities.

Air Quality

Learn more about how we can help you manage your impact on air quality and the environment.

Marine, Freshwater, and Terrestrial Ecology

We're committed to together creating and sustaining a better world across our marine, freshwater, and terrestrial ecosystems.

Contaminated Land

Tonkin + Taylor has provided specialist contaminated land management services for over 50 years – learn more about our services here.

Drinking Water Quality

The drinking water quality team has extensive experience in all aspects of drinking water management - from sampling and data analysis to interpretation and risk assessment.

Environmental Advisory and Management

Find out about our tailored approaches to the monitoring, assessment and management of environmental impacts and environmental risk.

Fluvial Geomorphology

Fluvial geomorphology is how rivers shape the world around us - our fluvial geomorphologists provide our clients with robust, tailored river solutions.

Surface Water Takes and Discharges

At Tonkin + Taylor, we are committed to supporting our clients in the sustainable management of surface water resources.

Soil and Groundwater Science

Our soil and groundwater science experts have extensive experience from groundwater resource assessments to monitoring and remediation.

Sustainability and Nature Based Solutions

Our team of sustainability and nature-based solution experts are dedicated to the restoration and enhancement of our natural landscapes.

Waste Infrastructure

Our waste infrastructure specialists understand the importance of waste infrastructure and offer specialised landfill services to help owners and operators make informed decisions.

Biodiversity Compensation Models

Looking for innovative and sustainable solutions for your next project?

Get in touch – together we create and sustain a better world.

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