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Tonkin + Taylor specialises in harnessing cutting-edge data and digital technologies to develop innovative digital products and solutions. From data collection and analysis to bespoke user-friendly platforms that unlock new ways of working, our digital approach delivers sophisticated solutions for tomorrow’s world.

We provide digital engineering solutions through geospatial, modelling, and design software to facilitate responsive, swift, and coordinated design. Our use of industry-leading software creates faster and more efficient ways to respond to ever-evolving client requirements.

Our digital expertise extends to projects that require visualisation, design integration, multi-user collaboration, and modelling – enabling seamless integration and efficient teamwork.

Digital Engineering

Our Digital Engineering team combines engineering principles with digital technologies to design, simulate, and analyse complex problems.

Geospatial Solutions

Geospatial solutions allow us to map, model, and visualise geographic data, making it easier to identify critical patterns, trends, and relationships for decision-making.

Data + Analytics

Our data analysts use the latest technology and techniques to turn complex data sets into actionable insights, informing decisions and improving operations.

Software Solutions

From developing bespoke software applications to designing scalable cloud-based solutions, we are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that improve performance and efficiency.

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