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The need for sustainable development has never been more urgent, and our teams come together to help our clients accelerate their thinking on sustainability.

The Tonkin + Taylor Sustainable Communities team specialise in sustainability, climate resilience, RMA planning, Te Ao Māori, advisory, communication, and transport.

We help our clients make strategic decisions that reduce risk, build resilience, and create new value for their communities. Our team frequently collaborate on complex multidisciplinary issues to find future-focused, sustainable solutions that address the challenges of tomorrow, today.

Each client has their unique set of needs and challenges, and we work closely with them to provide bespoke solutions for their desired outcomes. By working with our clients, we aim to empower them with the knowledge, expertise, and tools they need to succeed in their sustainability initiatives.

We believe in the power of community and ongoing research and engagement with the communities we work with allow us to stay at the forefront of sustainable development.

Our team is committed to positively impacting the world through our work, and we strive to create a better future for our communities.


Tonkin + Taylor’s planners advise extensively across land development, transport infrastructure, and utilities.


Tonkin + Taylor have successfully delivered transport infrastructure projects throughout New Zealand, Australia, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Advisory Services

We believe in creating a culturally responsive, resilient, and sustainable world. Our Advisory services can help you achieve your community, organisational, project and product goals.

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