Partnerships and Alliances

At Tonkin + Taylor, Our Purpose is 'together we create and sustain a better world'. The word 'together' is crucial, and we believe that through the power of collaboration, we can create innovative, sustainable solutions that benefit our clients, communities, and the environment. 

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The Inogen Alliance



Tonkin + Taylor joined the Inogen Alliance in February 2023.

The Inogen Alliance is a global alliance of Environmental, Health, Safety, and Sustainability (EHS&S) consulting firms.

Inogen brings together like-minded consultancies together to solve business challenges that build a more sustainable future – aligning with our own vision at T+T of being “renowned for inspiring sustainable futures"

Through the Inogen Alliance, T+T is connected with nearly 80 associate companies across 65 countries with over 5,000+ professionals. The alliance membership enables Tonkin + Taylor to engage with the best thinkers, ideas, and experts on the world stage, and share our skills and experience with a global market.

Find out more about the Inogen Alliance here.