Sustainability at Tonkin + Taylor

A pillar of our strategy is: Being  sustainable is embedded in everything we do

‘Being sustainable is embedded in everything we do’ is about making good choices about how we work and live. These choices are critical to the long-term future of our planet and people. We want to make sure that our work positively contributes to that future.

Our long-term objective is: When Tonkin + Taylor has been involved, the natural environment will be truly valued and protected, places and communities will be thriving, and all people will be healthy, fulfilled, and empowered to pursue their aspirations.

Our Sustainablility Policy outlines  our aspirations and commitment to embedding sustainability in everything we do.

Our Sustainability Strategy
Our Sustainability Strategy is how we will bring our Policy to life. A detailed work programme underpins each part of our Sustainability Strategy.

Prioritising nature, people, and communities in our work with clients

  • Targeting work where we can prioritise people, communities, and the natural environment
  • Enhancing and communicating our sustainability services
  • Growing sustainability capabilities across Tonkin + Taylor
  • Developing supporting tools to integrate sustainability into all our work

Strengthening sustainability in our operations

  • Walking the talk – embedding sustainability into our operations
  • Growing and integrating indigenous understanding into our activities
  • Investing in innovation and thought leadership for sustainable outcomes

Our Sustainability Framework

Our Sustainability Framework identifies the outcomes we influence through the work we do and in our operations. The Framework draws on the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, government and indigenous wellbeing frameworks, and infrastructure sustainability tools. We use this Framework to inform our understanding of our impacts and the dependencies between them.