GO2024 - Find your Future

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"Something that sets T+T apart is people, the genuine care for one another, and care for the work that we do"

Are you ready to find your future?

At T+T, your future is what you make of it! Whether it's about the people you work with, your flexible working, the niche you work in, or the purpose behind what you do - you can find it (or create it) at T+T!

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Find your People

Being a grad can be a pretty overwhelming experience – you have a new job, a new commute, and you may not know anyone! At T+T we know that finding your people is an important part of the graduate experience, and so whether it be mentors, buddies, or friends you’ll find your people at T+T.

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Find your Niche

After finishing university you may know exactly where you want to take your career or you may want to try out a few different things first! At T+T you’ll have the opportunity to find your niche through our graduate development programme, rotational programme and the projects you’ll be working on. All these opportunities will help you find your niche and decide where to take your career!

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Find your Purpose

For many people, having a drive and a passion behind what they do is an important part of their career! At T+T you’ll have the opportunity to work on projects that shape the future of New Zealand and Australia and help the communities we work and live within.

Throughout these projects, you’ll be able to discover your purpose behind what you do!

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Find your Flex

Having a balance between your work life and everything else in your life is really important! That’s why we have a great approach to flexible working, whether you’re studying outside of work, playing sports, have a side hustle or just want to spend time with friends and family, you can find the flex that works best for you at T+T!