Working at T+T

What makes us such a great organisation? We’re market leaders in our areas of expertise and offer outstanding opportunities for our people to develop both professionally and personally.

We've developed long-lasting relationships with our clients and provide balanced advice, achieving innovative and environmentally responsible solutions on a range of projects, both in New Zealand and overseas.

Owned by our own employees, we hire some of the most talented people in the industry and have a collaborative, team culture. We also celebrate our successes while having fun along the way!

But don’t take our word for it! Check out what some of our people have to say about life at T+T:

Sara McMillan- Resource Management Consultant, I’ve been with T+T for 7 years now - amazing how time flies! I shifted from the Auckland office to Wellington about a year ago, and am loving how compact and easy the city is compared to Auckland. I’m not loving the weather so much, but you can’t have everything! It’s awesome working at another T+T office and getting to know a whole new group of people. We work hard but know how to have fun and the importance of a good life balance too. I’ve never worked with such a happy helpful awesome bunch of people!

Nick Speight- Geotechnical Team Leader, on Communication: "What impressed me most about T+T as an engineer fresh from University was the level of responsibility the company empowers its employees with. From the outset, graduates are provided with both technical and management opportunities on a wide range of small to large scale projects. This sort of exposure not only guarantees technical skills are rapidly acquired, it also ensures effective and open communication skills are developed with ongoing client contact and management of company resources from project inception to project completion. Now several years into my career, including a stint working in the United Kingdom, it has become apparent to me that this sort of open company culture is almost uniquely T+T."

Dewi Knappstein- Geotechnical and Water Resources Engineer, on Culture: "I believe T+T is a very special company among engineering consultancies. The relaxed dress code and flat management structure create a living and dynamic environment. These characteristics make T+T a more enjoyable place to work and break down barriers between people, which allows for an ideal environment for the passing of knowledge and experience. I have always found that people are willing to listen and answer even my most basic questions. There is a sincere commitment to invest in training throughout the company, which includes going on in-house and external courses, taking time to answer questions and placing people in the right positions and locations to gain experience."

Rob van de Munckhof- Chemical Engineer, on Clients: "What is great about T+T is that interaction with clients is such an important aspect and all staff are encouraged to develop relationships with clients. This means you gain exposure to a wide range of organisations and people right from the start. Understanding that each client has differing needs, and working closely with clients to understand their needs in detail, enables you to explore new areas, open up new possibilities and ensures the best possible outcomes."

Marje Russ- Director, Senior Environmental Scientist, on the Environment: "The activities our clients are involved in are incredibly varied: from major water resource, energy, transport infrastructure and development projects; through running large and complex industrial operations; to providing specialist design, research and other professional services. The environmental challenges our clients face are similarly varied. Helping our clients to meet the environmental challenges they face, to develop and implement environmentally responsible solutions and make these part of their ongoing successful and sustainable business is for me hugely stimulating and rewarding. Doing this as part of a team and surrounded by a bunch of scientists and engineers with great experience and commitment is what makes T+T such a special place to work."

Peter Roan- Director, Planning Team Leader (NZ), on Expertise: "Expertise is more than just having studied hard at university it's something you develop over a period of time by working on challenging projects and finding lasting solutions for clients' problems. It's an understanding that goes beyond just the technical issues posed by a project such as experience, ability and innovation. I believe it's a special part of what defines T+T and the colleagues I work with on a daily basis."

Tim Fisher- Sector Lead- Water, on People: "I believe T+T is a great place to work because of its people. Professionally our people have a high level skill and ability and enjoy working on a wide range of technically challenging projects. This creates a stimulating environment where innovative solutions are encouraged and celebrated. T&T people have a 'can-do' attitude which creates an excellent working environment for all staff."

John Grimston- Senior Water Resources and Hydropower Consultant, on Quality: "T+T's quality system is modelled on recognised international quality standards, with the primary purpose being to prevent rather than detect problems. Quality plans are specially prepared and implemented for large or complex projects. Debriefing sessions with my clients provides feedback that ensures we attain the highest level of achievement."

Rachel Stuart- Human Resources Manager, on Culture: "T+T provides a fantastic environment in which to work, learn - and have fun. The T+T culture means that at morning tea you could just as easily sit down for a cup of coffee with the Managing Director as you would with another staff member. The flat management structure makes everyone equally approachable, and people are always willing to take time to answer questions and provide you with the support you need. T+T also has an extensive training programme, taught by T&T staff or outside experts, and you are encouraged to continue your professional and technical development."

So, if you're looking for a forward thinking organisation that is committed to your ongoing development, you enjoy working as part of a team on challenging projects, and you know how to have fun along the way - we want to hear from you!

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