Working at T+T

What is it like to work at T+T? We like to think it’s possibly as good as it gets!

As leaders in our areas of expertise, we offer opportunities galore and a great workplace culture to boot. Being proudly employee-owned, we go out of our way to hire the most talented people. Take a look at what they say:

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Selene Conn - Ecologist


As a fluvial geomorphologist, Selene helps provide an understanding of river processes including flood risk, erosion assessments or where long-term risks need to be evaluated.

“What distinguishes T+T from other consultancies is the attention to detail on a technical level, the robust science that’s behind everything and the diversity of specialists. It’s quite a unique mix and it’s rare to find consultants that are consistently good and so proud to stand behind their work. Besides, there are lots of opportunities and incredibly cool projects to get involved in.”

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Emma Christie - Senior Civil Engineer


Emma is a civil engineer and has been involved in several alliances, including the project to upgrade NZ's national war memorial in time for the 100th commemoration of ANZAC day. She enjoys the ability to work collaboratively to solve client problems with a diverse group of people from other alliance companies in an interactive team environment.

“At T+T there’s a real focus on people. They look after staff incredibly well and are very supportive, which also shows in the Company’s policies. For instance, I’m just about to go on maternity leave and will be on full salary for 18 weeks, which is just amazing. And then there’s also one week’s special parental leave… nobody else I know is being offered anything like that!”

Wageed Kamish.jpg

Wageed Kamish - Senior Water Resources Engineer


With a background in academia as well as consulting, Wageed is a senior water resource engineer based in the Auckland office, where he supports projects in matters of water quality, including water quality modelling work for energy suppliers.

“First and foremost T+T seems to have a family culture which is really amazing. On a professional level, it’s also fantastic because I have the latitude to drive my involvement in directions that match my particular skills and interests. There’s a real desire to create opportunities for me… it’s not just about the bottom line. The company has a genuine interest in bringing out the best in people.”

David Glover.jpg

David Glover - Principal Geotechnical Engineer


David left England to join T+T as senior geotechnical engineer in the Melbourne office. He provides geotechnical support to cross-sector projects in the Asia-Pacific region.

“Joining T+T in Melbourne has been very exciting and positive. I appreciate having such great opportunities for professional and personal development; it makes a big difference. Also, Melbourne is also such a fantastic place to work, there is no shortage of things to do. We’re a stone’s throw away from beaches, mountains and incredible landscapes. What more could you want?

Nick Sheng.jpg

Nick Sheng - Software Development Specialist


In his role as software development team leader, Nick gets involved in development of management and collaboration systems to support internal and external projects such as the Canterbury earthquake recovery and the New Zealand Geotechnical Database Project.

“The people at T+T are simply the best! When I started, I thought I would do the usual stint of 3-4 years which is normal in the IT industry. But I’m still here after 11 years and it’s all down to the people and the culture. Everybody is approachable, regardless of position. And it’s not only about work either, the social club offers lots of sporting and other activities. You’re really part of the team.”

Sze-fei Peng.jpg

Sze-Fei Peng - Principal Environmental Engineer


Sze-Fei joined as a graduate and is now principal environmental engineer and team leader, environmental engineering and management. She is based in Melbourne with a work focus on landfills in one form or another.

“The concept of paving your own way is definitely true at T+T. My role at T+T has evolved over the years from working in the field, building technical skills, project management and team leadership. Then there were the secondments to other organisations and working in a different country. It’s forever evolving and I hope that part never changes. There are always opportunities to try something different or new, with full support for your development and the freedom to forge your own path.”

So, if you're looking for a forward thinking organisation that is committed to your ongoing development, you enjoy working as part of a team on challenging projects, and you know how to have fun along the way - we want to hear from you!

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