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Floods are one of the most dangerous natural disasters, is becoming increasingly prevalent due to climate change. Episode two of the Inogen Alliance Podcast is about rising above the floods – stories from flood affected communities with Tonkin + Taylor’s Finance & Insurance Sector Lead and Principal Flood Risk Consultant Jon Rix.

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Podcast Episode Two – Rising above the Floods: Stories from Flood-Affected Communities

Millions of people around the world are impacted by floods and the effects stretch far beyond the physical destruction. 

This episode features interviews with experts Andreas Deckelmann, Senior Hydrogeologist and Project Manager at HPC; Jon Rix, Principal Flood Risk Consultant at Tonkin + Taylor; and Agenor Freitas, Field Technician at Antea Brazil. They share their harrowing experiences during devastating floods in Germany, New Zealand, and Brazil. They also discuss the innovative solutions and strategies they are developing to help communities mitigate the effects of disasters like floods. Despite adversity, their stories of courage and community support offer not only hope and inspiration, but also invaluable insights for a more climate-resilient future.

Jon Rix | Tonkin + Taylor Finance & Insurance Sector Lead | Principal Flood Risk Consultant
Jon is a passionate developer of great client-focused solutions for New Zealand’s most challenging flooding problems. He is currently actively involved in projects extending from Dunedin, located at the south of the South Island, to Whangarei located in the north of the North Island. He brings a wide range of experience working with public sector and private clients for over 20 years, having moved from UK to NZ in 2006.
Jon was recently a lead co-author for the risk assurance review of the categorization process for the “Cyclone Recovery Taskforce” following a series of nationally significant flood events at the start of 2023 in New Zealand. He also continues to support Auckland Council in their response and recovery efforts following the storms.



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