Our relationships are built on a platform of genuine care; we listen with open minds. We're accessible as well as adaptable - seamlessly becoming an important part of any project team.

Doug Johnson

Executive Leadership Team - Managing Director

Glen Nicholson

Discipline Manager - Environmental Engineering Management

Kate Williams

Discipline Director - Advisory

Lester Levy (Dr)

Tonkin + Taylor Group Board Chairman

Brett Ogilvie (Dr)

Executive Leader - Environmental Services

Peter Cochrane

Discipline Director - Science

Robert Hillier (Dr)

Discipline Director - Geotechnical

Tim Fisher (Dr)

Executive Leader - Clients

Vic O'Connor

Geotechnics NZ - Managing Director

Chris Boyd

Principal Geotechnical Engineer. Team Leader - Geotechnical Engineering

David Bouma

Water Engineer + Dams (NZ) Business Leader

Grant Lovell

Sector Director - Land

Peter Millar

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Richard Hancy

Executive Leader - Engineering Services

Richard Reinen-Hamill

Sector Director - Natural Hazard Resilience

Simonne Eldridge

Senior Principal Environmental Engineer. Executive Leader - Clients

Sze-Fei Peng

Principal Environmental Engineer. Team Leader - Environmental Engineering & Management

Tim Vass

Principal Environmental Engineer. Team Leader - Contaminated Land

Tom Bassett

Discipline Manager – Water Engineering

Tony Cussins

Technical Director, Hydrogeology

Tony Kortegast

Executive Leader - Strategic Projects. Industrial Facilities Auditor

Alex Davies-Colley

Environmental Scientist

Andrea Brabant

Team Leader - Environmental & Infrastructure Planning

Andrew Shallard

Senior Civil and Environmental Engineer

Anna Ainsworth

Environmental Consultant

Bapon Fakhruddin (Dr)

Resilience + Climate Change Specialist

Ben Chester

Senior Civil Engineer

Bryn Quilter

Senior Civil and Environmental Engineer

Casey Giberson

Discipline Manager - Resilience

Charlotte Reed

Discipline Manager: Strategy and Information Services

Chris Bauld

Discipline Director - Infrastructure

Chris Perks

Sector Director - Transport

Chris Purchas

Senior Environmental Consultant

Clint Cantrell

Sector Director - Water

Colin Dailey

Senior Pavement Engineer

Daniel Murray

Principal Planner

Daniel Tan

Team Leader - Enviro Engineering and Management

David Glover

Principal Geotechnical Engineer

David Milner (Dr)

Senior Geotechnical Engineer

Elyse Laface

Environmental Scientist Contaminated Land

Grant Pearce

Senior Civil and Coastal Engineer

Heath Goble

Service Manager: Performance

Hugh Cherrill

Senior Landfill and Environmental Engineer

James Hughes

Infrastructure Resilience Specialist

James Russell

Geotechnical Hazard Specialist

James Tinnion-Morgan

Mass Rapid Transport Specialist

Jennifer Carvill

Principal Planner

Jenny Simpson

Discipline Director - Natural Resources

Joanne Ferry

Senior Contaminated Land Specialist

John Devoy

Talent Sourcing & Recruitment Specialist

John Leeves

Discipline Manager - Geotechnical

Karen Baverstock

Team Leader - Environmental & Infrastructure Planning

Lean Phuah

Discipline Manager - Contaminated Land

Leon Pemberton

Discipline Manager - Hydrogeology

Luke Storie (Dr)

Geotechnical Engineer

Manea Sweeney

Discipline Manager – Horizon Planning

Marje Russ

Executive Director, T+T Group

Mark Morley

Contaminated Land Specialist

Mark Pennington

Senior Water Resources Engineer

Matt Baber (Dr)

Principal Ecologist

Mike Jacka

Senior Geotechnical Engineer - Canterbury + Kaikoura Earthquake Recovery

Nick Rogers

Geotechnical and Environmental Specialist

Nick Speight

Geotechnical Team Leader

Paul Walker

Team Leader - Contaminated Land

Peter Roan

Discipline Director - Planning

Rachel Pickett

Contaminated Land Specialist

Reuben Hansen

Team Leader - Environmental & Infrastructure Planning

Rob Van de Munckhof

Environmental Consultant

Roger Olds

Senior Principal Geotechnical Engineer

Shane Moore

Principal Environmental Scientist

Shannon Richardson

Discipline Manager - Environmental and Infrastructure Planning

Sjoerd Van Ballegooy (Dr)

Technical Director, Geotechnical

Tim Chadwick

Director T+T and Managing Director Chadwick Geotechnics

Tim Ensor

Principal Planner

Tom Shand (Dr)

Senior Coastal Engineer

Tony Bryce

Senior Environmental Engineer

Virginie Lacrosse

Resilience Engineer