Tonkin + Taylor’s acoustics team has collaborated with Wellington International Airport Limited on various projects, including updating air noise contours and designing the acoustics of the airport’s new fire station building. Unlike other airports in New Zealand, Wellington Airport has residential neighbours close to its main operating areas, such as the runway and taxiway. Effective and efficient noise management from airport activities, including construction projects, is crucial.

During the repavement of the runway and taxiway, noise management was of utmost importance. As the runway needed to remain operational, most of the construction work had to be carried out at night when airport operations ceased. This approach ensured minimal disruption to airport activities and nearby residents.

We also played a key role in preparing updated aircraft noise contours for Wellington City Council’s District Plan review. Based on aircraft movement forecasts for the year 2050, these new contours factor the projected growth of the airport and the likely aircraft types that will be in use over the next three decades. The updated noise contours provide valuable insights for sound planning and management in the surrounding areas by incorporating future developments and aircraft trends.

Through our collaboration with Wellington International Airport Limited, we demonstrated our expertise in noise management and acoustics, contributing to the airport’s commitment to balancing operational efficiency and minimising the impact on neighbouring communities.


  • Air noise contour updates
  • Building acoustics design
  • Noise and acoustics management


  • Wellington International Airport Limited


  • 2022 – ongoing

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