Commercial Bay is one of the largest mixed-use developments in Auckland and one with the highest profile in the city’s history.

The development of New Zealand’s tallest building entailed the construction of a 39-floor graduated glass skyscraper that has a multi-level 18,000m2 retail precinct above ground, a three-level basement, and the incorporation of the new City Rail Link (CRL) tunnels.

Tonkin + Taylor provided a range of consulting services, the most notable being geotechnical and hydrogeological, infrastructure and contamination engineering design and flood mitigation expertise.


  • Geotechnical design of all aspects of the project, including permanent and temporary retention, anchorages, underpinning works and design of foundations
  • Detailed assessment of geotechnical and groundwater effects upon sensitive neighbouring structures, including the Category 1 listed heritage Customhouse and Endeans buildings
  • Planning for construction monitoring of effects and contingency measures
  • Civil design of all external services, including coordination of relocations, protection and connections to meet contractor, local authority and utilities providers approvals
  • Erosion and sediment control planning
  • Flood hazard assessment
  • Environmental and contamination services throughout the design process, including management planning for soil and water treatment and disposal


  • Precinct Properties


  • 2016

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