ProjectOrbit is a comprehensive collaboration Software as a Services (Saas) tool designed to enhance project management processes. It facilitates the connection of various team members, including stakeholders, project managers, contractors, and more, to improve communication and expedite decision-making. ProjectOrbit enables informed and efficient decision-making.

Key functionalities of ProjectOrbit include streamlined transmittals, ensuring the smooth exchange of project-related documents among team members. It simplifies submitting and responding to Requests for Information (RFIs), promoting efficient communication and timely problem-solving.

ProjectOrbit features Notice to Contractor and Notice to Engineer capabilities, allowing important updates, instructions, or changes in project requirements to be shared with the respective parties. It ensures clear and timely communication, minimising confusion and enhancing collaboration.

Change request and change management processes are simplified through ProjectOrbit, making initiating, tracking, and managing changes in project scope or specifications easy, promoting transparency and accountability, and keeping all parties informed about the status and impact of change requests.

To maintain quality control, ProjectOrbit includes a Non-Conformance Report feature, enabling the capture and resolution of non-conformance issues. The Non-Conformance Report ensures that any deviations from project requirements are promptly addressed, ensuring adherence to quality standards.

User management capabilities in ProjectOrbit enable efficient control of user access and permissions, ensuring appropriate access levels to project information – helping maintain data security and privacy while facilitating collaboration among authorised individuals.

ProjectOrbit includes instrument monitoring functionality, allowing for the monitoring and tracking of project instruments or equipment to ensure effective management and maintenance, minimising downtime and optimising project performance.

The geospatial viewer feature in ProjectOrbit provides a visual representation of project data and documentation in a geospatial context, offering a comprehensive overview of project progress and location-based insights for better decision-making.

ProjectOrbit offers customisable reports and dashboards, enabling the generation of tailored reports and visualisation of project data according to specific needs. Key performance indicators can be tracked, allowing for valuable insights into project performance and trends.

Lastly, ProjectOrbit includes a Project Risk Registry, providing a dedicated platform to identify, assess, and manage project risks. This enhances proactive risk management and mitigation, enabling the addressing of potential challenges and minimising their impact on project outcomes.

Overall, ProjectOrbit’s web-based platform, built on Microsoft technology and supplemented with a graphical interface and workflows, simplifies the storage, tracking, and access to project documentation and data. It offers a wide range of functionalities that streamline project management, improve collaboration, and support informed decision-making.


  • Web application development 
  • Software product development 
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integration  
  • API development 
  • Database development 
  • IT project management 
  • Data management 
  • Software solution architecture
  • Microsoft power platform and SharePoint online


  • Various


  • 2012 – Current

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