Tauranga Harbour Link, Tauranga, New Zealand


Marine Structures

Our marine structures experts have worked on a wide range of coastal projects, covering most coastal structure types.

We have extensive marine experience from projects undertaken throughout New Zealand and overseas, including the Pitcairn Islands, American Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti and Malaysia.


We have design expertise in:

  • Wharf design – including heavy duty concrete wharves (with their dolphins and mooring structures), fender systems, timber and concrete ferry wharves, private timber wharves, and assessment of wave climates and wave loadings.
  • Boat ramps
  • Seawalls – condition assessments, assessments of wave loads, wave run-up, over-topping and reflection, sloping tipped rock seawalls, sloping and vertical grouted rock seawalls and vertical timber and concrete seawalls.
  • Breakwaters – rock fill breakwaters, vertical piled breakwaters and assessment of breakwater effects.
  • Marinas – planning and layout design, design of breakwaters and dredging, haul-out facilities (including travel lift docks), and pavement and services for backup land.

Service areas:

  • Reclamations
  • Investigations

  • Concept design

  • Detailed design

  • Resource consents

  • Building consents
  • Contract documentation

  • Construction administration.

Our reclamation services include sheetpile and rock batter edge design, fill source and placement, seismic stability assessment and design, pavements and services.

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