Wastewater Engineering

We have a long history of developing environmentally sound solutions for a variety of wastewater projects. Our team is particularly skilled in designing systems for small communities and institutions.

We analyse problems with a holistic approach - considering technical, environmental, social and cultural issues and find the best practical solution using appropriate technology.

Our specialist team of engineers, scientists and planners have a wide range of skills directly applicable to wastewater projects.


  • Wastewater engineers
  • Environmental planners
  • Aquatic ecology and water quality scientists
  • Geologists and hydrogeologists
  • Air quality specialists
  • Civil engineers (including hydraulics specialists)


Services we typically provide:

Issues and Options Studies

These are prepared at the start of a project to help you find the most appropriate wastewater solution.

Assessment of Effects on the Environment

We consider the effects on marine, freshwater and terrestrial ecological, surface water and groundwater quality and air quality.

Resource consents

Our services include consultation, preparation of an AEE report, consent applications and expert evidence. For existing consents we completed compliance monitoring and auditing.

Design of wastewater treatment facilities.

Key Contacts

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