Climate Change

Climate change is the biggest environmental challenge of our time. Both public and private sector organisations need to clearly understand climate-related risks and to have a plan to contribute to a 1.5°C future. In Aotearoa New Zealand – and across the Asia Pacific region - T+T is helping to drive understanding of, and progress, climate change and natural hazards resilience at central and local Government level, as well as across its private sector clients.

Our specialists have developed leading practice in climate risk assessment and adaptation planning, including working with stakeholders to assist them develop their own plans. Within New Zealand, our recent work includes the National Climate Change Risk Assessment, contribution to the design of the National Risk Assessment Framework, membership of the government’s Climate Adaptation Technical Working Group, and our ongoing work with a range of regional and local councils, as well as private organisations.

Internationally, T+T is assisting a range of clients to improve their infrastructure assets’ climate change resilience, as well as working to create safer, more resilient economies and societies.

We can help you, too, to understand the complexities of risk, and to develop and implement new organisational guidelines and legislative frameworks. We will also work with you to develop a staged approach and set achievable milestones to help you reach your ultimate climate change and natural hazards resilience goals.

As part of this, T+T will help you to develop a vision that identifies, prioritises and addresses risks across the built and natural environments, as well as the economy and broader society. T+T will also help you to understand and mitigate the risks specific to our indigenous peoples and other more vulnerable sectors of society, working from the ground up to engage them in the process.