Marine and Coastal Ecology

We offer a comprehensive range of coastal and marine ecology services both in New Zealand and in the Pacific - from strategic planning, field investigations and ongoing monitoring, to the assessment of potential ecological effects associated with projects and the development of sustainable and useful ecological mitigation and biodiversity offset packages.

We provide marine and coastal ecology services in:

  • Marine and coastal Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA)
  • Resource management, ecological mitigation and biodiversity offsetting advice, including the development and implementation of marine ecology related resource consent condition
  • Baseline surveys for harbours and estuaries, including intertidal benthic surveys, sediment, shellfish and water quality analysis
  • Coastal and marine water and sediment quality monitoring, including coastal outfall discharges
  • Broad scale coastal habitat mapping using sophisticated tools and monitoring of changes over time
  • Restoration and enhancement plans for coastal, marine and estuarine environments, including shellfish restoration
  • Coastal and marine fauna surveys and management, including coastal birds and marine mammals
  • Marine biosecurity and development of Biosecurity Management Plans
  • Underwater acoustics, including underwater modelling and impact assessment
  • Aquaculture consent compliance assistance and site assessments
  • Ports and marinas – ecological assessments for construction and dredge spoil disposal
  • Expert witness and Environment Court hearings

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