Australasian Coasts + Ports Conference 10-13 April 2022

Visit Tonkin + Taylor, Aotearoa’s leading Environmental and Engineering consultancy, at this year’s Australasian Coasts + Ports Conference!

We see the coast as a vital link. The gateway between land and sea. This dynamic and valued zone requires innovative thinking and a sustainable focus to benefit our clients, communities, and the environment.

We bring a balance of care, capability, and collaboration to help you achieve outstanding outcomes.

T + T offers a comprehensive range of services:

  • Field investigations including remote imagery, UAV, waves, overtopping, geomorphology, geotechnical
  • Modelling of coastal processes, hazards, and risk assessments
  • Coastal zone management and dynamic adaptive pathways
  • Guidance, policy planning, consenting and environmental effects
  • Design and delivery of coastal engineering works – hard, soft, hybrid and nature-based solutions and ecological enhancement
  • Design and delivery of port, cruise, ferry, and recreational marine facilities, marine structures, dredging and reclamation

With a proven record on projects such as:

Chat with our people at the conference

Andrew Brown, Susan Jackson, Eddie Beetham, Grant Pearce, Marcus Cameron, Reuben Hansen, Alex Vink, Hayden Sander, Rebekah Haughey, James Moore, Patrick Knook, Scott Murray, Tom Shand, Jonathan Clarke, Michael Paine, Sarah McInnes, Holly Blakely and Verity Taylor.

Papers we are presenting at the conference

Wave-Structure-Soil Interaction for Te Wānanga, Auckland’s New Waterfront

Andrew Brown1, Alex Vink2 and Luke Storie2 and Emma Bullivant3

1 Tonkin + Taylor Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand;

2 Tonkin + Taylor Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand

3 Auckland Council, Auckland, New Zealand

Combined Numerical and Physical Modelling of Waves for Ōpōtiki Harbour Entrance Design

Eddie Beetham1, Tom Shand1, Grant Pearce1, Jonathan Clark1, Patrick Knook1, Francois Flocard2 and Lance Partner1

1Tonkin + Taylor Ltd, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND.

2Water Research Laboratory, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UNSW Sydney

Optimisation of a falling toe for river mouth scour protection – results from a physical model study

Colin N. Whittaker1, Zihao Tang1, Bruce W. Melville1, Josh Joubert2, Eddie Beetham2, Tom Shand2, Jonathan Clarke2, Grant Pearce2 and Lance Partner2

1 The University of Auckland, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND.

2 Tonkin + Taylor, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND

Developments in the mapping of coastal erosion susceptibility/hazards

Patrick P. Knook¹, Tom Shand¹, Eddie Beetham¹, Richard Reinen-Hamill¹, Rebekah Haugheh¹, Charles Lan¹, Matt de Boer² and Ross Roberts³

1 Tonkin & Taylor Ltd., Auckland, New Zealand;

2 Northland Regional Council, Whangarei, New Zealand

3 Auckland Council, Auckland, New Zealand

Ōpōtiki Harbour Development Project - Design of New Zealand’s first river training works in over 100 years 

Jonathan Clarke1, Grant Pearce1, Tom Shand1; Lance Partner1, Eddie Beetham1; Patrick Knook1.Guy McDougall1, Mark Pennington1, Francois Flocard2.

1Tonkin + Taylor Ltd, Auckland, NEW ZEALAND.

2Water Research Laboratory, School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, UNSW Sydney 

The use of Trigger Action Response Plans to mitigate wave   overtopping hazard on coastal infrastructure

Tom Shand1,2, Peter Quilter1,2, Patrick Knook1,2, Richard Reinen-Hamill1,2 and Francois Flocard3

1 Tonkin + Taylor Ltd., Auckland, NEW ZEALAND email:

2 North Canterbury Transport Infrastructure Recovery Alliance (NCTIR), NEW ZEALAND

3 Water Research Laboratory, UNSW, Manly Vale, AUSTRALIA.