Flow State: How can you quantify your water availability?

Tonkin + Taylor scientists have published ground-breaking research that, for the first time, allows Regional Councils to quantify water availability under climate change – this is a step-up from the qualitative results that have been presented until now. 

The work also includes an approach that can determine how much water is potentially available in your catchment and allows you to reconcile that with water demand.

Join us to hear the report authors, Wageed Kamish and Peter Cochrane break down what the research means, what the approach does, and the potential for this approach to predict changes to freshwater habitat and water quality as a result of climate change. Blair Dickie from the Waikato Regional Council also joins the webinar to discuss how this work will help inform freshwater management in the region.

Join the webinar from 1-2pm on 24 November. Click here to register