Geotechnical Engineering

As earthquakes, floods or landslips cause buildings to crumble, rivers to change course or sea-beds to rise, it’s clear the ground beneath us is not always as rock solid as we’d like to think.

However, never have we known so much about the geological and geotechnical makeup of the earth. This means we can plan and prepare for such events.

T+T’s expertise in geotechnical engineering and engineering geology dates back more than 50 years. This, and our diverse project experience in New Zealand and internationally, means we can create a ‘picture’ of your site’s ground conditions and optimise geotechnical design to suit your project.

Whether it’s geotechnical investigation, deep excavations, foundation design, earthworks design, slope stabilisation, numerical modelling, seismic design, settlement analysis, or landslide remediation, you need, we have the team with experience and proven innovation using state of the art design to give you the assurance to construct your project with confidence, no matter the challenges or the location.

Key People

Pierre Malan

Discipline Director - Geotechnical

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Sjoerd Van Ballegooy

Expertise Director - Geotechnical

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Yolanda Thorp

Technical Director - Geotechnical

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Key Capabilities

• Deep excavations and foundation design
- Piles
- Dynamic pile testing
- Deep excavations
- Numerical modelling
- Settlement analysis
- Groundwater control
- Shallow foundations

• Shrink swell
• Slope Stability and retaining walls
- Retaining walls
- Slope stability assessment and remediation design
- Landslide stabilisation

• Data and digital technology in geotechnical engineering
• Earthquake engineering
- Seismic hazard evaluations
- Detailed liquefaction susceptibility and mitigation assessment

• Earthworks design and specifications
- Settlement analysis
- Aggregate and materials evaluation

• Pavement assessment and design
- Airport testing

• Dam geotechnical engineering

• Geotechnical investigations
- Geotechnical desktop
- FirstLook