Airport Testing Services

We provide a specialist pavement testing service for airport pavement investigations and design.

Our team of very experienced designers and technicians have completed a number of investigations, developing cost-effective design solutions and parameters.


Examples of our major airport investigation projects include:

Queenstown Airport 

Testing of existing apron and grassed areas to be upgraded, analysis of subgrade conditions and design of a new apron extension.

Taupō Airport

Testing of the runway, taxiways and apron, and recommendations for pavement overlays, reconstruction, widening and extensions.

Christchurch International Airport

Testing of runways and taxiways, followed by analyses of deflections, curvature, surface modulus, subgrade modulus, subgrade CBR and PCN, and residual life calculations.

Invercargill International Airport

Testing on the runway, taxiways and aprons, and analyses of deflections, curvature, surface modulus, subgrade modulus and subgrade CBR.

Auckland International Airport Ltd

Testing on distressed areas of the apron, and reporting on deflection, curvature, surface modulus, subgrade modulus and subgrade CBR.

Bauerfield Airfield, Vanuatu

Investigation and design for rehabilitation of the runway, and preparation of a full design report with pavement parameters.

JorAMCo Aircraft Hangar Maintenance Facility at Queen Alia Airport, Amman, Jordan

Geotechnical assessment and detailed design of the hangar concrete pavement and the asphaltic concrete apron and preparation of a design report, specifications and drawings.

Abu Dhabi International Airport Aircraft Maintenance Hangar 6 Floor Slab and Apron Design, Abu Dhabi

Site geotechnical investigations assessment and structural design of the hangar floor slab for a new triple bay A380 aircraft maintenance hangar. We also delivered review of related technical aspects during the tender process and construction phase support, preparation of design reports, specifications and construction drawings.