Dynamic Pile Testing

Dynamic Pile Testing

We have extensive experience in dynamically testing piles. Using a pile driving analyser (PDA) we can measure the capacity, driving stresses and integrity of each pile as it is installed. 

This testing gives clients, designers and contractors confidence that each pile is achieving the required capacity without damaging it. Retesting each pile after installation often proves a greater capacity with potential for savings on further construction.

We have tested numerous types of driven piles - including steel tubes, universal columns, precast and prestressed concrete piles, and timber piles.

Our fully portable equipment has allowed us to complete dynamic testing throughout New Zealand, the South Pacific and South East Asia.


  • Evaluation of pile driving methods
  • Analysis of pile capacity (GRLWeap)
  • Testing of driven piles and cast-in-situ piles (PDA)
  • Post processing of dynamic tests (CAPWAPs)
  • Interpretation of test results to optimise pile design
  • Certification of Pile Dynamics Inc. advanced standard 
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