Engineering Geology

We are one of New Zealand’s leading consultancies, offering specialist engineering geological services.

We work closely with our clients to develop cost-effective engineering solutions. These are designed to meet your needs and reduce exposure to geological risks.

Our expertise lies in the interpretation and assessment of geological processes, ground conditions and natural hazards.


We have worked on projects throughout New Zealand, South East Asia and the Pacific.

Our experience includes:

  • Site development (residential, commercial and industrial)
  • Landslide assessment and remedial design
  • Major infrastructure (hydroelectric power schemes, road and rail, port and harbour development, water supply and solid waste/landfill development)
  • Tunnelling
  • Quarries and opencast mining

Our engineering geology expertise includes:

  • Desk study site assessment
  • Aerial photograph interpretation
  • Site geology and morphological mapping
  • Structural geological mapping
  • Geological hazard identification and assessment
  • Geological risk evaluation and management
  • Site investigation, testing and sampling
  • Groundwater and hydrogeological evaluation
  • Slope stability assessment
  • Soil and rock slope design
  • Rock and soil materials assessment
  • Tunnelling investigation and design
  • Dam foundation investigation and design
  • Quarry and opencast mine evaluation and design
  • Slope and groundwater instrumentation and monitoring
  • Assessment of effects on the physical environment
  • Peer review.