Geotechnical, Contaminated Land, Infrastructure and Ecological Assessments

FirstLook provides rapid and cost effective preliminary access to our data and knowledge allowing comparison of risk profiles for multiple sites. This enables you to prioritise sites, speed up decision making, reduce costs on preliminary assessments and ensures that effort is focused on preferred sites.

FirstLook saves you time to focus on your core business with the knowledge and expertise provided by T+T.

Ideal for regulatory authorities or developers assessing multiple sites - across Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch and Hamilton. FirstLook is developed for Geotechnical, Contaminated Land, Infrastructure and Ecological Assessments. Additional disciplines, such as Consent Planning, can be developed to suit your needs.

Seven things you need to know

  1. Comparison of project risk profile across multiple sites which enables site selection prior to investment in site-specific investigations.
  2. Comprehensive information and knowledge through access to T+T’s unparalleled project database and leading expertise.
  3. Cost effective and fast turnaround in comparison to conventional desk study assessments.
  4. The risk score is based on a multiple choice assessment for selected hazards for each discipline, achieving consistent and comparable results.
  5. Clear, concise visual reporting for easy understanding saving you time.
  6. Web-based GIS portal showing your site location and a pdf of the FirstLook report. The portal can be customised to your needs.
  7. We have verified the outcome of FirstLook by comparing the calculated Risk Score with site-specific investigation data for more than 50 sites.

Once the extent of your development is determined, we can assist with a range of next steps such as feasibility stage recommendations for investigation scope, possible foundation options, fill disposal and consenting requirements.

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