Geotechnical Desktop Assessment

T+T Empirical Desktop Assessment, TEDA®

T+T can advance your project during the COVID-19 period when it may not be possible to carry out project-specific investigations. Our advanced desktop assessment, backed by our exceptional borehole database, can progress your project to Resource Consent submission stage. Hence, reducing delays and possible cost overruns.

Six ways to minimise project delays during the COVID-19 period:

  1. Carry out an advanced desktop assessment, providing designers with information required to support preliminary design.
  2. Progress the preliminary design process and risk assessment to analyse best, worst and probable design scenarios to understand risks to your project at an early stage.
  3. Submit your Resource Consent application based on the preliminary design and beat the queues at Council.*
  4. Carry out costing based on the preliminary design to inform commercial decisions.
  5. Be ‘shovel-ready’– we can plan site investigation programmes now, helping you be ready to go as soon as restrictions are lifted.
  6. Prepare health and safety protocols - we have developed specialist protocols to enable site work during the COVID-19 period.

* Council is likely to require project-specific investigations, either at S92 stage for Resource Consent or prior to the Building Consent stage

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